Los Angeles National Parks Creative Exercise


Los Angeles National Parks was a combination of everything I love, branding, design, outdoors, analytics and product. What is shown in part here are assets of the launch of that project. My goal was to create a California centric outdoors branding agency with an aspirational-bold 'streetwear' perspective. The name needed to tell people where it was from but also what it was about. All my projects are channeled through this entity. Yes, the name confuses some people, but I don't mind that. There is a tremendous amount of organic exposure because of this name, which was part of the draw. 


backcountry.com Interim Creative Director


Backcountry.com was in transition over a year ago during an acquisition. During that transition I was asked to come onboard as interim Creative Director for a season while they established roles and responsibilities of the new entity. Being extremely familiar with the brand, the brands they sell and the consumer they speak to we were able to create a season of marketing assets on an extremely tight timeline and with a small but capable team. 


Reyn Spooner Word Mark Study


Reyn Spooner is a 60 year old brand and though much of the shirt art is worthy of museums, their wordmarks unfortunately have suffered from lack of attention. I was asked to do a study on the evolution of their wordmark and create possible iterations for various offshoot concepts. In wanting to keep with the nostalgia of the brand while giving it a rejuvenational lift, I added an updated script option and a stacked "architectural" serif. (These images shown with the type treatments are only for examples and were not part of the branding)  


Reyn Spooner Vision Reboot 


Along with a new look in its wordmark Reyn Spooner needed to rethink how they engage with a new customer. What is shown here is a portion of a brand strategy to do that. The concept is teared brand segmentation using historic brand pillars within Reyn Spooner to capture three expressions of the Reyn Spooner consumer, Hawaii, California, and New York. Using a strategic partner collaborative effort Reyn Spooner would expand on its 'fabric story' expanding into other categories of clothing that continue in its 'Country Island Casual'. The direction was a clean timeless "Hawaii Country" a mix of Hawaiian heritage and Americana. The idea would expand on and elevate the areas of brand that have been so cherished while also allowing it to evolve in a timeless way. This direction would continue to put this great American brand in its rightful place next to the other great American brands like Levis, and Pendleton, Woolrich, and Nike. 


Global Outreach Re-Brand


Global Outreach is an organization that travels with volunteers to serve people in poor communities around the world. There brand had no "rally point"... There was nothing that tied it together. The plan we came up with was rolled out in stages. The branding had to be young, energetic. It had to be enthusiastic and familiar so it was approachable. It couldn't look like a travel agency. I took the concept of a classroom globe and a vintage roll down map using those both as backdrops to the brand. I pulled the color pallet from the map and chose fonts that were stylish hand written looking paired with the heavy easy-to-read san-serifs. The phrase I created is a double-entendre  "Change Your World", to mean "Your own world will change when you go, just as you will get a chance to change someone you meet". The next year was the second phase of the branding where the globe becomes the "O" in their new logo of the abbreviated "G.O." for "Global Outreach"


Active AD Campaign


The peak of celebrity skateboarding may have been a few years ago. My last ad campaign at Active I wanted to capitalize on that. I worked with Atiba Jefferson Gathering together icons of the time of skateboarding to get black and white portraits of each of them for full page ads in Transworld to run for the full year. This concept was before Instagram and though people knew these athletes, none had been presented this way before. It was a strong campaign. 


Trunk or Treat Re-Brand


Trunk or Treat is a community outreach that services 20,000 people on Halloween night. The concept is signing up people of the community to bring their cars to and decorate them to a designated parking lot next to a carnival and give candy out of the trunks to kids. For the rebrand they asked for something eye-catching for a high traffic lobby area so beyond developing a new logo I designed and constructed close to life-size model cartoon-style cars filled with candy flyers in the trunks. The organizers had volunteers there to collect names for their event. (They had a number of people ask to buy the model cars when they were done with them).


School of Ministry Re-Brand


School of Ministry is a continued education institution that has a second to none curriculum but unfortunately had delayed any attention to its branding for years. There were certain areas that were unchangeable because they were invested into materials like folders, polo shirts, pens, and other assets with the wordmark already on them which had to be taken into account. The logo I created is a compass symbolic of 'various directions' you can go after finish your education. The colors of the arrows are for the various courses (tracks) that that they teach. Within their package I created colors corresponding to each of the courses. This was because the students needed to see visually their progress beyond the book titles. The main face of the brand is their original wordmark set inside of a 'leaning right-angle'. The "right-angle" shape is a map reading tool however, the abstract shape is used to frames the wordmark and the compass icon. The rest of the rebrand was the fonts and usage for all messaging, web, and handouts.  


Sevenly Brand Book


Sevenly was a an e-commerse that partnered with various charities selling products for 7 days and donating $7 from every item they sold to that charity. The 'how' we did this, 'why' we did this, 'who' we'd work with, 'what' types of charities and products we partner with all were important aspects to the brand philosophy. I created this brand guideline to unpack that brand philosophy so that our team was clear but also our charity partners. This brand-book, was the "why" it described the root need we wanted to fill and the result we wanted to achieve. This business was also looking for investors that shared our passion and wanted to dive deeper. Reading this allowed them to do that.  


Tilman Brand Evolution


John Tillman is a 100 year old workwear company which had a unique problem. its customer base was getting younger. Tillman supplies welders with safety equipment and had 3 obstacles to growing and maintaining their business. 1) Much of their product is not bought by the end user. Instead it was purchased by the job site's company. 2) The demographic is getting younger as younger people are entering the field as more opportunity opens up and the older are retiring. 3) They have not changed their designs in 35 years.

Going through their line we couldn't do drastic changes because we could not drastically increase SKU count and could not alienate their current consumer. We did subtle things like added color, navy and patterns like camouflage, and concepts like washed up earth toned canvases. We introduced ideas like denim and trucker jacket style welding jackets. Marketing-wise we added tees give-aways for technical schools and trade shows. We created a concept of sponsoring technical schools with product for their students in trade if they would video instructional video that they would upload to a Tillman company server  to later use on social media so that Tillman could become a resource getting brand recognition at the same time. 


Free Surf was a brand exploration of concepts and feel of something that could dovetail into the market. Though this was made years ago, the concept is still very much relevant. Its idea was to embody the soul of surfing - not so much in brand name but more in lifestyle. A brand that embodied the relaxed nature of surfing, the clothes you would change into after getting out of the water to get that first cup of coffee. The point was nothing that was brash or hard but something that would become that favorite sweatshirt or tee. The imagery was inspired by the casual form and color, the shape and emotion of a classic era in surfing.