My name is Danny Blanton. I have a simple philosophy, 'Creativity can only happen where boundaries or obstacles exist' - Anything else is unaccountable expressionism. Conceptual design is purposeful. It's creative process is made to satisfy a given result. That result must be measurable and therefore objective to fulfilling its task within it's given resources. 

We need obstacles to inspire innovation; innovation opens you up to aspiration. 'Creative-Design' is what unlocks the possible and is the-greatest form of communication. It may be shallow or even prosaic but nothing makes me want to run more than shoes that look like they are made to run. I'll even suffer through bad shoes that inspire me to get out the door to run than great shoes that look heavy and leave me on the couch. The same with any advertising; a good ad should stop me and give me a new perspective. It should speak to me the way I need - where I am. Design is the broadcasted universal language communicating a direction to obtain a singular predicted result. Its math. When you are clear about the variables, you can find your result.

Every job I start begins with one question, "What result are you looking for?". Then I work backwards to define the variables. I marry my jobs. I live in what I do and I am in love with the process. 213.534.6650