There’s a common known fact. Yes, a fact - that everyone knows and understands to be 'the law' of this reality, yet everyone tries to build work-arounds or ways to cheat this law, ways to see just past the horizon where mankind is not made to gaze. The law is simply this: ‘Progress ANYWHERE only happens when someone takes a chance on something, they don’t know'.


Enjoy the Process, Dealing With Life’s Timing

Everything should begin with a story… This one is about “running”.(Before you're turned off to whatever is beyond this parenthetical statement because you are not a runner know the “running” part is a analogy… There’s a real point.)Running is easy to hate. Its uncomfortable, every podiatrist will tell you its worse than cigarettes. Making that choice to spend the next 20-30-60 minutes to put your self through a degree of constant discomfort just sounds like something easily classified in the “dumb” category…


What Coachella Isn't... In 2018

If Coachella had a "theme" this year, you could call it Runway-Rave or “RunRave”... People's outfits were nothing short of costumes styled head to toe. 


The Gun Problem, Are We Safer With Or Without Guns?

You may want to think twice about your stance on gun ownership.

It seemed like the last thing our country needed was one more issue that divides us as a culture and people. Personally, I cannot stand the arguments that equates the two sides of every issue in our country saying, "there's problems on both sides" when speaking about our political divide. Its over-simplistic thinking that doesn’t help solve issues but instead validate the barriers to finding that needed common ground. 



 "Facebook"… just saying the name feels like 2004…The internet was still this new frontier and all the innovations that we would see were still coming out in impossible numbers. "Social media" was still a new term with an idea of being able to connect and keep connections with more ease. album sharing wasn't really clicking for most people and blogs were still becoming more and more ubiquitous.



In 2004, Supreme a then New York brand (that also had stores in Tokyo) opened up a store in Mid-City Los Angeles on Fairfax Street. Up until that point Fairfax was famous for its Jewish deli "Canter's", one of the must-go-to stops when visiting the famous city. Up and down the street you'd find various Jewish stores as well as a couple art stores but nothing out of the ordinary that would make anyone think Fairfax would become the streetwear brand blvd. it became. 


The History of Streetwear - Where it's Headed (Part 2)

Skate companies never disappeared from the scene but those companies did get coopted by a mid 90's rave trend. Out of this 'fashion alcove' came brands like "Fresh Jive" "26 Red". Though it was a relatively short trend, it made an impact in skate and on what would be 'streetwear'. 


The History of Streetwear -Where It's Headed (PART 1)

 Its first version was purely Brooklyn NYC, born out of 80's Rap that for the most mart developed more on the East-Coast, not in the west. On the West Coast, music was transitioning from Metal Bands and Classic-Rock to 'gutter punk'. 



What are articles and books about self improvement if not hoping someone has figured out the universal combination lock for "life success" 

Malcolm Gladwell coined the "10,000 hours" theory which seems reasonable. And of course, Gary V (Gary Vaynerchuk) is probably the most widely known if not widely streamed motivational coach. 

Words are great... 



Going back in my memory, early in my career I was sitting with my art department team and remember saying, "The next generation of CEOs and presidents are coming from a department like this..."



Power of the narrative. Both scenes are a snap shot of a power struggle, those in power temporarily endorsing someone who has no authority so they can contain that power under there own 'guidance'. Some might call that 'coopting' the popularity for their own use. 



1. There are plenty of ways to enter a pool. The stairs is not one of them.
2. Never cancel dinner plans by text message.
3. Happiness is a decision not an emotion. 
4. If a street performer makes you stop walking, you owe him a buck.
5. Always use ‘we’ when referring to your home team or your government...


Why Men Are The Key To Brand Success (Part 1)

The “Business of Fashion” blog in their December 15th article asked “Will Men Buy Into Their Girlfriends’ Brands?”, explaining that with so many men buying into luxury brands, do women’s brands have the ability to attract men’s business?...


Why Men Are The Key To Brand Success (Part 2)

I want to begin with a question. Who is Victoria’s Secrets marketed for? The answer for them has both a direct and indirect target. Victoria’s Secrets believes (and rightly so) that if they capture the attention of men, they will capture the aspirations of women. But why are men’s endorsements the key even to this women’s brand? To understand this, we first need to understand what sexism is and who it actually impacts in society.


Enjoy the Process, Dealing With Life’s Timing

Enjoy the Process... 

Everything should begin with a story… This one is about “running”. (Before you're turned off to whatever is beyond this parenthetical statement because you are not a runner know the “running” part is a analogy… There’s a real point.)


An Elementary Understanding of Brands

Abercrombie, Balenciaga, Com De Garcon, to Zumiez...Where is fashion going? The most valuable item in fashion is Data… but that is a different post entirely….For anyone that enjoys shopping you might feel a change in atmosphere. Your favorite small company like Steven Alan is now a growing chain store, malls are more like zoos...


Fashion vs. Men

I often tell people I was born in the most advantageous generation when it comes to being an observer of the human condition. In my life I’ve seen The Space Shuttle Challenger’s maiden voyage, The invention of the microwave, pay phones to pagers to cel phones, to the internet all the way to the smart phone...


Why The Mall Will Kill Your Brand

Why New York Has Great Public Transit and Why The Mall Will Kill Your Brand have more in common than you might think. If you take a step back and looked at the evolution of commerce on a timeline, you’d see a reasonable if not intuitive


Pacific Sunwear vs. Urban Outfitters

Anyone familiar with Charle Dickens might recognize that famous opening sentence from his book “A Tale of Two Cities”. Nothing could be more fitting in describing two giants of the retail world and the polarized businesses they've endured.


God, Astrophysics, & Fashion Trends

There are three major theories in physics that are in some degree competing with each-other, not because they explain the same thing, but instead, because all three cannot be right and exist in our physical universe...


Where Is Fashion Going? Who Is Leading?

Clothing… Anyone keeping track of fashion can quickly see that there is no keeping track of fashion (right now)… The speed in which new ideas are introduced are only surpassed by the deficit of attention spans of the public and their endless thirst to be the first to have “______” (fill in the blank)…

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Understanding The Gears Of Image-Driven Businesses

Throughout my career I’ve tried to be as much an observer of “organic” or natural patterns of consumerism as I could. If anything, though my jobs have been within design and not directly with purchasing, I tried my best to be a ‘Jane Goodall’ of the retail environment so that I can make informed decisions for the businesses I worked for.....


How Much Should Designers Design Into Trends?

How Much Should Designers Design Into Trends?Shelf-life… Isn’t that what this is all about?…not just shelf life of your collection but shelf life of your brand….If you knew a trend was going to last forever, it may be a good idea to make that styling a permanent part of your collection. We see an example with a famous twill fabric we call “denim”.


How Small Businesses Are Killing Large Companies

This painting by Caravaggio depicts David (the shepherd boy between 16-19 years old) Removing the head of Goliath… a 9 foot tall warrior.  Whether you believe the story of David and Goliath is true or mythology, its story is well known as it’s used for an allegory for overcoming every kind of insurmountable adversity....


Horrible Leaders Are No Excuse For A Terrible Job

Throughout the jobs I've had in my life (and there have been plenty) I feel like I've spanned the spectrum of inspirational visionaries to the worst of humanity (One that I suspect will be in prison some day). My first (W2) job was working at a shoe store in high school called Journeys....

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You Have To Do The Hard Things.

Wisdom vs. Wit...I’ve been on a bit of a journey over the last year. Anyone that might look at my Linked In profile might see that I haven’t taken a salary for several month...